Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Happy Anniversary, Daddy and Mama!

After 31 years of lovely marriage life brings us here: two of the most wonderful parents God has ever given 5 kids. 31 years ago they were walking down the aisle and now they are having a candle-lit dinner on the veranda. How time flies! (I am just assuming time has flown because I haven't lived half of their marriage). Here are some pictures of the table:

Saturday, June 18, 2011

I love my brother

(photo credits Kay Heritage)

Nothing seems to fit here for this post.

I have taken the plunge. Hmm. No, wait. Let me rephrase that first sentence. I am endeavoring to lock myself down, once and for all, to a blog, hoping, no, wait, praying not to be tardy and lax with my writing. I may or may not write with each post, but let me tell you now, before we let way too much water under the bridge. I will let you know, that I may just put up, say, a picture and a word. I may be feeling, well, like writing as much as a sentence. But don't get discouraged! I do not intend to let any one of you down. What I just mentioned was if I could think of nothing that day to share with you, but a picture. Enough said on that topic! I have worn myself out with that subject. This is just merely here to say I have started a blog on my own and I want you to know what I intend to do with it. Thanks for reading. That is if you've made it as far down as this sentence.

From my southern home to yours-
Molly Elizabeth