Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Little Weekend Highlights

Southbridge is a large neighborhood around here.  Saturday was their annual yard sale.  It was BIG.  Place to place, house to house, Mama filled up the whole car, but I only made one purchase: a vintage suitcase.  Two dollars! Yay!  I was realllly excited.  It was the lady's mother's suitcase, so I tried to do the math from the small history given...coming out at about 1977. I don't really know. If I learn how to pack light I can take it on trips.  I think that might be awhile :)

Isn't it a cute steal?

Graduations are coming up fast!  I started my preparations a few weeks ago for some friends at church (shhh. don't tell).  These are variations of ones already in my collections (or personally made for myself or family/friends).

This one kinda goes along with the Minty collage I made.

How was your weekend?

(This is post number 50!)

Thursday, April 19, 2012


I just love springy fresh colors.  I can't say how happy it makes me going through all the clothes to make a photo collage!  Here are my blue/green favorites:


  1. Making Memories Lace Dress by Ruche
  2. Jaunt shoes by Franco Sarto

  3. Oasis bracelet by Banana Republic
  4. Patent Leather Belt by J. Crew
  5. Skinny resin bangle by Banana Republic
  6. Boyfriend roll-up shorts by Gap

Aren't they fun?  My summer inspiration!

Friday, April 13, 2012

How To Make A Skirt Without A Pattern

My new skirt!*

I was getting the spring thrills. Excitement was egging me on to work faster and faster. I was so happy about this cute little skirt I was making...a summer skirt out of fabric I've been wanting to wear for years and I finally just made it.  My sister had a dress out of it when she was five and I wore it next.  It has memories.

When you find out how simple/easy/quick it is you can turn them out like hotcakes.  It is really exciting!  I made this first skirt out of sail boats at a slower pace, but the next one I made only took me about three to four hours, start to finish.

I put a pocket in the second one. I just love pockets!

Making a skirt without a pattern is quite simple, believe it or not.  Really all you need is measurements and fabric.  I started thinking about how I could make a skirt without a pattern when I was making colonial petticoats for reenacting(they don't require patterns).  Simple. It turns out so cute.

So here's how to make a custom skirt that fits you (with photo tutorial):

Read More >>>

*On the blue-green skirt I added a darker blue fabric to the bottom for the hem.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Happy spring!


I hope you all are enjoying this fabulous spring weather!  It is my favorite season.

Did you have a wonderful Easter?

Thursday, April 5, 2012


Mama has been smocking for 30 years.  She would always make us the most ADORABLE clothes when we were little (we still have them :)).  Looking back through them just makes you smile.

Yesterday, Mama taught Susan Liana, me, Caroline, and Anna (friends from church) how to smock.  I was excited!  It turns out so cute!  When I started, I planned it to be a baby dress for the first sibling who had a little girl.  Now, I have changed my mind.  I think my own little girl would look really cute in it some day.  :)

Looky, looky! Isn't it fun!  I can't wait to smock for nieces and nephews...

A button-on suit that Mama made for my oldest brother 23 years ago.
We made a good start in our instruction, and I'm looking forward to learning more stitches at our next lesson.  In the meantime, it'll be such fun to work on my smocking sampler!