Friday, September 21, 2012


My brother came by after his week-long mission trip to Peru and showed us his 300 pictures, shared the local drink (taste: cross between bubble gum and banana Popsicle), brought home souvenirs (My Sis and I got sweet little purses), and told about the ancient temples they are currently excavating.  I liked it all, especially the part about the temples.  Anything ancient that is still hanging around (plus this being in good shape) wows me to no end. When I was younger I almost couldn't bear to listen to my Egyptian history because it amazed me so; I wanted to jump out of my seat and touch the pyramids. So I'm sharing a few of his pictures of Peru and of the historical site. I've never been to Peru, so this teeny glimpse was eye-opening.

 The temple.

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  1. It looks amazing...I love the photo of the man with his cows, and the sunflare...Wow! :)