Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Hannah's desk decorations. Very cute.

Today is just one of those days you are happy to be alive (if I may be cliche); this whole week to be quite honest. This may seem weird to you, but I absolutely love being busy. Like really busy. My little self is hopping around from place to place while most of my family is out of town, visiting friends and going back and forth, and back again.  I am getting to spend a little time with some of my friends and plod through school around their kitchen tables.  Thank you all for letting me interrupt your weeks!

Drinking tea, having shortbread, and working my way through history.

Next day. I got to enjoy spending it with my sweet friend Hannah. We basically enjoyed talking (a lot. hehe) between classes and made pizza on bread. De-lish.  Thank you for such a fun day, friend!

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