Wednesday, March 13, 2013

4 of the 11 days

As nothing new magically appeared on this blog for the past two weeks (barring this post), I hope that you made the assumption that I was travelling...yet again.  I feel so bad letting my blogging slip into a very sporadic rhythm.

On our little trip, which in reality was a very big trip, being gone eleven days, we spent some time with my oldest brother. For a little while now I have had this urge to go to a zoo. I really do love them! So, we made plans and off we went. It was frightfully cold (snow fell), meaning not too many animals showed their faces. We just ran into their indoor exhibits and watched them through glass. Monkeys and pandas are my favorites!

In the process of the four days we managed to fit in some shopping....That made very happy.

It was a wonderful trip! Looking forward to going back...

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