Saturday, December 7, 2013

She marries the prince...

I really didn't mean for it to be over three months since I last said "hello".  My plans were big, so maybe that is why they weren't carried out- to share the little details, feelings, and fun of my sister's engagement. I was looking forward to sharing the moments with you all, but I only shared the beginning. Life changed for a few months as we prepared for her dream day, and I apologize that I haven't shared it with with you, too.

For me, dreaming of of my wedding day has been a part of my life, most likely ever since I was a flower girl in a friend's wedding.  For Susan Liana it probably was the same way with dreams starting early, though she was more quiet about it. Therefore, I never really knew her dreams, but I suppose there was no need for me to. Because when she actually planned her wedding it couldn't have been more, well, Susan Liana. Soft, glowing, and lovely all describe the bride as well as the ceremony.  I was more than blessed to be her Maid of Honor, though it was strange watching my only sister say her vows and become Mrs. Whatley.  I am very happy for her!  The day was one of the most wonderful, fun, and exciting ones I have probably ever experienced. We are all looking forward to seeing the rest of the pictures so we can relive our memories.

Here is the link to the photographers blog with some photos of the event.

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