Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Moon and Stars

Terrifying. Utterly and completely terrifying. Looking back I realize where the family conversation was going, but I wasn't paying any attention in the other room. Maybe I should have.

After awhile I got curious. I think curiosity just might be the death of me. So I walked right up to the kitchen table to see what the laughter was about. Then I saw it. A yellow watermelon. I think I almost had a heart attack. Pink/red watermelons have always been what we bought. I had always heard about the Moon And Star variety, but I never dreamed of eating one!

I closed my eyes for the first bite. I kept them closed the whole time I ate it. Peeking once made me scared again. They said it tasted slightly different, but I think I was too busy making it pink in my mind that I didn't notice.

It was very good, but I don't think I can handle another one.

Maybe I'm dramatic...

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  1. Oh my! I thought yellow watermelons were Filipino! We bought a watermelon here that was yellow...quite a shock, I do admit! It didn't taste great either :P