Sunday, July 17, 2011

Primitive camping = no showers!

The annual Gibson/Hobson camping trip has happened yet again! Uncountable years of fun ever since I was a baby (or maybe before I was born, like I said, I basically don't know). Cades Cove has always been the preferred place of retreat, but we decided to get out of our 'set ways' and try a new campground in the Great Smokey Mtns. National Park. To everyone's tears and depression we had to cut the trip short 2 days :(. Sad, I know. But, ah well. We still had fun...bucket loads. Now. Since my motto is "a picture speaks a thousand words" I will start the slide show now:
Lillie, Grace Ann, Susan Liana, Molly Elizabeth, and Mary

Molly Elizabeth

Lillie, Molly Elizabeth, Susan Liana, Mattie Alice, Rebekah, Gideon, Grace Ann, and Olivia

Susan Liana, Clay, Molly Elizabeth

Susan Liana

Molly Elizabeth, Susan Liana

Susan Liana

Lillie, and Molly Elizabeth
Andrew, Clay, Benjamin, Gideon, Olivia, Susan Liana
Mary, Mattie Alice, Grace Ann, Lillie, Rebekah, Patricia, Jonathan, Molly Elizabeth

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