Wednesday, September 7, 2011

An adorable little wallet!

I had a random artistic splurge. I had to use my energy in that form or else. Or else what I'm not sure, but or else. After about 60 seconds of Google searching for an idea, and no search results, I decided to follow instinct.  Up to the craft room I ran. I rummaged through all forms of craft items while my mind was working frantically.  There was no need for a useless knick-knack, so that cut out many ideas.  I don't really remember, it is all so fuzzy, but I thought up wallet-type-thing somehow.  

I went to the filing cabinet and ripped the cardboard backing to the scrapbook embellishments off and put it on the desk, ready for use. 

  1. Fold cardboard backing in half.

After plowing through the most random fabrics with the most random shapes and sizes, Aha! I found the perfect piece. Remember now, that I had no really clear plan of action. I was just going with the flow. 

2.Pick out the perfect fabric for the base.

Creasing the fabric in the places I wanted the folds to be and making sure it was tight, I had the outline of the pattern :).

3.I cut my fabric 10" wide and the length was just what ever it was originally cut to. It will all depend on your cardboard size. The 10" width is just an extra inch added to each side of the base for "seam allowance".

The hot glue gun was my hero!  You might say that I cheated, but I really didn't see any way around it. I hot glued and glued and glued.  Two sticks later I finished the project.

4.Use the hot glue gun to stick down every edge. Pink your edges (cut with a jagged-edged pair of scissors) and roll all edges under before gluing down!

I was about halfway through and feeling so proud of myself at all my progress/creativity when I burned myself with the hot glue. I guess I should be careful; I always burn myself. If it makes you feel better, you can see how ugly my hot-glue lines are. I later conveniently covered them with fabric (cheating does work sometimes!):). 

By this point in the project I thought I was heading toward a check book cover. I needed an inside so I dug in the fabric basket some more, even more than before, and this is what I found: an old, cut off skirt hem. Yay! It was perfect.  It is a light pink on a black and white toile. It is just a recipe for cute. Just sayin'.

I pinked the top and hot glued around the top and sides, leaving the bottom open. I neatly covered the slightly raw look of the rolled under edges. 
5. Add a cute fabric inside in whatever style you like.

 I am sorry, but I sort of forgot about making pictures with all of the steps, but I hope this gets you started.  

What I love about the wallet-check-book cover is that it has two faces! 

     Side A: Off centered flower:
  • Cut a long strip of fabric, just about a 2" wide, pinked on the edges. Baste (long stitches) about 1/4"-1/2" inside the edge. Pull tight and knot. Glue it down. Ta Da! Here it is:


Secret: the fabric, when wrapped around, makes one side right-side up and the other side upside-down. Now is when you have to fix it. Cover it up :)!

Side B: Ruffled

  • Use one piece for the back, and layer up two more.  With the top layer, crease the top down, close to the seam at the top of the first ruffle.  If this is confusing, just look at the picture.
  • Embellished center: short strip, 2" wide, and baste through a pleated center. Glue down.

It is so cute, if I say so myself! I love it and I can't wait to use it, but first I have to put a little clasp on. I will put a hook and chain on; you can choose whatever you like.

Have fun if you end up trying it out!


  1. Pinked? That's how I got at the beach yesterday...a bit pinked. I admire your creative prowess. Well done!

  2. I LOVE it, Molly Elizabeth! I am enjoying your entire blog! Mrs. Eldridge (Audrey's mom)