Monday, September 12, 2011

How to make a ruffled shirt.

Mid-morning I got that creative feeling again. Twice in four days might be a little too much, but, oh well.  Like before, I had to make something, but this time, I knew what I wanted.  I had been looking at this Lady and this Lady's tutorials on how to make a ruffled tee.  Oh man! was I inspired. I unused shirts.  I needed help.  All summer I don't think I wore a single one of these shirts. Oh, well, I will now! 

Confession: I was slightly pushed on by the urge for another blog post and the other half, true enticement. 

I want to help you transform your closet by totally changing an old shirt to a fashionable, well-used favorite.

These are all the shirts I had to choose from. *sigh* They all were a simple t-shirt, or a tank-top. (a little boring)

 I picked my favorite color out of the mix and got started.

I stirred around and 'round and, finally, instead of using an identical shirt, I used an old skirt bought for the purpose of being minced. 

(See the hem? That is what I used.)

I grabbed a ruler and measured 1 1/2 inches down from the neckline and marked it all the way around.

I cut it out with scissors and just eyed it from point to point. 

 The fold is a total of 1/2 an inch, but I folded it down 1/4 inch and then rolled it down again.

Stitch this down with your sewing machine, or by hand.

I rolled down the raw edge of the lace (skirt hem) and just did a good old fashioned stitch.  About every inch I would fold it back and make a pleat  for decoration and to make it fit the circular neckline.

 Ahh!  It's cute. I was so torn between leaving it or adding a flower, but it was even cuter with the flower.

Flower embellishment:

I cut off about a 9 inch strip of the skirt hem and ran a large stitch around the top and pulled tight.  Since my ends weren't finished I just sewed them together. 

*    *    *

Finished project! 

Due to the knit fabric, I intend to run a basting stitch around the inside of the neckline and pull it tight a little bit to secure the neckline.


  1. Well done, Molly! I love it. You have definitely inspired me to do something with my old shirts.

  2. LOVE this!!!! Very creative and so pretty :)

  3. The shirt is SO cute :D Lovely photo of you, too! You are so creative... and your new watermark is great ;)

  4. You are as clever as clever can be. That sewing gene skipped me, and I envy those who have it. Good, cute job!