Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Take a peek at the most adorable apron my sweet brother gave me for Christmas. 

During Christmas break, I decided to duplicate it. I then copied the pattern and made two more.  They are fabulous gifts and I only wish I had enough for everyone.


When I wear theses beauties, I feel very domestic.  All I need is a 40's dress and high heels to do the trick!

What fun gift did you receive for Christmas?


  1. these are so cute molly! you look very you just stepped out of a 40's fashion magazine (:

  2. Soooo cute!!!! That's what I've wanted for Christmas, but never got around to telling Nathan about it. Your brother has fabulous taste. You're right, wearing an apron makes you feel very domestic...just makes me want to clean the kitchen. :) You should set up an etsy account and start making them to sell. I'd buy one from you!