Friday, February 17, 2012


A surprise.  Yes.  It was.

Thursday morning we decided to go see Riverdance at the Civic Center that night. Booked the tickets and went.  Just as simple and fast as that.  Surprises can be the best.  I went into it not knowing anything or what to expect...It took my breath away.  If you have seen them you know what I mean.  Riverdance is a famous Irish dance troupe complete with music, singing, and intense dancing! It is the kind of performance that inspires you to fame.

After going to any performance I hop around the house or sing, sing, sing for days.  I can't help it!

Today really feels like a Saturday.  All the better. I can still enjoy Saturday tomorrow!  Have a good weekend y'all!

(Photo from Riverdance)

(Pictures of Riverdance here.)

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