Monday, February 13, 2012

Valentines Day In Pink

Do you ever get thrills up and down your back when you look at your favorite color woven into an adorable skirt or printed on a sign?  I do.  That is why I had the time of my life making this collage.   Coral, pink pastels, and rose, are the colors that make me so happy.

What are your Valentine's Day plans?   Are you waiting to be surprised with roses, a night out, or a little gift with a bow on top?  Or are you planning a candlelit dinner at home? As a family, we have a relaxing day, enjoying the cards and candy we find on our plates at breakfast.  Occasionally, us girls will prepare a fun meal and have a candlelit home away from the bustle of life. So what do you enjoy?

1. Mirabelle dress by J.Crew
2. Barrow Street IMA handbag by Kate Spade
3. Bryce necklace by Kate Spade
4. Crinkle chiffon skirt by J.Crew
5. Dusty Rose lipstick by Mary Kay
6. Kate platform pump by Banana Republic
7. Endearing Heart Bow Top In Blush by Ruche
8. Enameled geo bracelet by banana republic

P.S. I loved making this collage.  I have plans for more because they are so much fun!  

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