Friday, April 13, 2012

How To Make A Skirt Without A Pattern

My new skirt!*

I was getting the spring thrills. Excitement was egging me on to work faster and faster. I was so happy about this cute little skirt I was making...a summer skirt out of fabric I've been wanting to wear for years and I finally just made it.  My sister had a dress out of it when she was five and I wore it next.  It has memories.

When you find out how simple/easy/quick it is you can turn them out like hotcakes.  It is really exciting!  I made this first skirt out of sail boats at a slower pace, but the next one I made only took me about three to four hours, start to finish.

I put a pocket in the second one. I just love pockets!

Making a skirt without a pattern is quite simple, believe it or not.  Really all you need is measurements and fabric.  I started thinking about how I could make a skirt without a pattern when I was making colonial petticoats for reenacting(they don't require patterns).  Simple. It turns out so cute.

So here's how to make a custom skirt that fits you (with photo tutorial):

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*On the blue-green skirt I added a darker blue fabric to the bottom for the hem.

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  1. Measurements. Fabric. And a sewing machine!

    You'll have to teach me how. Sew cute!