Thursday, April 5, 2012


Mama has been smocking for 30 years.  She would always make us the most ADORABLE clothes when we were little (we still have them :)).  Looking back through them just makes you smile.

Yesterday, Mama taught Susan Liana, me, Caroline, and Anna (friends from church) how to smock.  I was excited!  It turns out so cute!  When I started, I planned it to be a baby dress for the first sibling who had a little girl.  Now, I have changed my mind.  I think my own little girl would look really cute in it some day.  :)

Looky, looky! Isn't it fun!  I can't wait to smock for nieces and nephews...

A button-on suit that Mama made for my oldest brother 23 years ago.
We made a good start in our instruction, and I'm looking forward to learning more stitches at our next lesson.  In the meantime, it'll be such fun to work on my smocking sampler!  

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  1. Oh my! Smocking! I love it! Miss you guys sooooooo much!