Saturday, July 27, 2013

Engagement In The Family: Entry One

She had picked out a spot under a beautiful oak tree to watch the sunrise with her sweetheart. Having no idea that it was different than any other day, any other walk, or any other conversation, until he began his question. The question that makes your heart flutter: "Will you marry me?"

She said "Yes".

I admit the fairy tale hits harder when it becomes a reality. We have had our share of  sad feelings, tears, fears, and love, but at the end of the day we are growing under God's tender care.

My sister has always meant the world to me, but, I never knew truly to what extent, until the past few months.  When you realize your life as you have known it is about to change forever, it can steal your breath, catch in your throat, and break your heart for a moment.  She will be leaving, but she will be going to a beautiful life which God has planned for her.

Susan Liana is blossoming under these happy conditions. Excitedly awaiting the day that she will say "I do", and go to marry her prince. I don't begrudge any of her happiness, but I will miss her...we all will.

Now we have a new life to look forward to!


  1. beautiful, MEG. thanks so very much for sharing a bit of this fairy tale with us... it makes me so happy to get to hear a little more, and to see the joy on their faces. ♥ wishing you all more of God's goodness than you could even imagine...

  2. I see a sister-written book in the future about stepping from a close-knit, well-tended family into marriage. About the emotions that you describe above. About how God is involved every step of the way. Do you know any two sisters who could write it?

    Thanks for these special pictures. I love you all.