Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Lillie Visits Savannah

Neither Lillie or I know when we became the friends we are today.  After trying to wind through our past we concluded, somewhere between eleven and two o'clock one night, that it must have been a gradual climb. We have known each other for almost every day of our lives, but, personally, from both sides we had to grow into the fact that we were both the reverse of eachother. Now, I honestly don't think we could be any better friends than we already are.

When she and a few members of her family came for the night we were able to talk her Mama into letting her stay for a few extra days. It almost never happens, and, if I gave you the probability statistics, they would be low, but sometimes things can work out! We seized the opportunity and started a project. While she was here the majority of our time was devoted to making a mini radio clip, complete with commercials, music, interviews, and radio theatre. Quite an exciting few days.

We made our way into Savannah to play tourist for a little while.  But a highlight of that trip was climbing up into our church's bell tower. Not only impressive, but very beautiful at times. 

Right before she left she gave a me a music lesson.  Since then I have been having a delightful time playing the violin. 

I'm looking forward to your next visit, Lillie!

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