Saturday, October 15, 2011


Nothing could be more poetic than hot tea on a fall day...ahhh. However, there is one little detail that makes it not quite so "perfect". It doesn't feel like fall. It isn't cold. It might just be what you call "perfect".  I am quite sure it will be plenty cold for this southern girl very soon. I have been out enjoying this amazing 70 degree weather all week.  It is refreshing.

Like I said before. I poured myself a cup of black tea and enjoyed every drop. I am a drinker/guzzler/consumer of this heavenly plant. Boy! do I love it with more creamer and honey than is good for me!

Right now I am peeking in on the Auburn vs. Florida football game.  Last year I learned to love this fun, fun, fun sport.  Just arrived home from the most amazing fall hayride! Great time, great fellowship, great fun!

Is your fall just fabulous? Mine most definitely is.


  1. I miss fall weather :( Right now, 70 degrees would feel like WINTER! A constant 85-95 degree weather year-round is tiring :S But at least I can go to the beach year-round then ;D

  2. Ah, yes, but my fall is still fabulous, thank you! :D

  3. That photo is absolutely lovely! I love me some tea.

    Also, I was going through some of your previous posts,'re a TeenPacter?!?! Me too! That's just way too cool. (:

  4. Elise: I wish you could be enjoying this fall over here. Going to the beach is tons of fun, too!

    Jennoelle: Your a TeenPacter?! That is really neat.

  5. i love the picture! your blog is so cute!

  6. just fond your blog through lowercase letters. i like. i like. now a follower....come on over and visit me if you wanna. :)

    yay for football! although, we were glued to the alabama/ole miss game. ;) Roll Tide! :D