Monday, October 10, 2011

How to re-cover your book.

I am sure you all agree with me on the fact that it is much more fun to read a pretty book. Am I right? The old paperback with stickers and slightly, well, ugly fronts, or let's just say slightly, hmmmmm, unnatural. I was inspired by a magazine article about covering pumpkins with pretty papers for fall. The idea was to cut out little strips of paper and therefore transform your pumpkin, but seeing it was a little premature for us to have a pumpkin in the house (as of September), I randomly decided to use a lot more hot glue and cover a book...or two.  Don't ask me how I quite made that jump.  When I get really crafty I get really excited, too, the type of "you can't get things done fast enough" kind of excitement.  So I was rummaging through papers and then brought them down to make a final decision.

From Bach's sheet music to ordinary scrap-booking papers, my choices ranged.

Paper selected! (it makes me feel like fall :))

Obviously this book needed some help.

Align and apply pressure.

Hot glue!

I used a stencil to write the title.


How to recover your book:

1.      Choose a book.

2.      Pick a paper. 
3.      Cut the paper to the book's measurements (length-height).
4.      Put a strip of hot glue along one of the verticle sides. Quickly press the edge of the book against it aligning properly. (this is the hardest part. Keep your edges straight or the rest of the cover will be crooked). 
5.      Continue making strips of glue/pressing down until it is completed!
6.      Cut out a piece of paper and write the book's title. (you can type, print, write, stamp, use a stencil, get creative!)
7.      Glue on.


  1. North and South!!!!!!!!!!!! One of my favorite books!!! :D We get some pretty ugly books from a used bookstore here... I might just have to try this on one or two of them!

    (As I told you before, LOVE the new blog design!)

  2. I love the book, too! I recovered it for a friend. You should definitely try it out.