Monday, October 31, 2011

Endeavor: Tea

Endeavor's slogan is:


So, the whole week was based on this theme.  You learn how to change from tea attire to sport clothes quickly.  It was always surprising to see a curly headed up-do turned into a ponytail.

It was so amazing to spend the week with Godly women and girls who are striving for the same goal in life-to live life for God's glory and to fulfill His purpose for women with joy and intentional actions.  We not only had fun activities, but interesting tidbits like: flower arranging, hair and makeup, and walking with poise, etc. Interesting ways to become a woman with grace and poise while carrying yourself for God. The week was just great!

Sunday there was a tea- a delicious tea!  I was hostess at my table which was a great learning experience for me.  The Moms converted the living room into a quaint little tea parlor and there were some beautiful tables on the porch as well.  Along with my three or four cups of tea we had lemon bars, shortbread, chocolate mouse cups, cucumber sandwiches, mini chicken salad croissants, sausage pinwheels, and lemon poppy seed scones. Mouth watering! I can't believe it was over a week ago! Time really does fly by.


Delicious food!
{Photo by: Kay Heritage}

Mom and me.  I don't know what I'm doing.  I hope I'm not biting my nails!

Me, Mommy, and Sissy.

Photo credits Anna Heritage.


  1. Wow, looks & sounds like so much fun! (I LOVE your green flowered skirt! It is gorgeous :) )

  2. i love tea parties! looks totally fun! LOVE the pic of you, your sis, and mom. so cute.

  3. It looks amazing!! These are great pics.
    BTW I love that belt you're wearing!

  4. so beautiful! it does my heart good to see that gorgeous photo of you, your mom, and SL!♥ thanks for sharing!

  5. What a great experience Endeavor must have been. I can see that you were well fed!