Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Two Happy Events

     Two days ago I called my sweet Daddy up and asked him to run by the DDS(Georgia Department of Driver Services) to pick me up one of those enthralling little driving booklets.  He graciously stopped by and brought home the homework.  Because, believe it or not, I will be fifteen next month and I want to get my drivers permit as soon as possible.  Unfortunately, my birthday is on a Sunday and the office isn't open on Sundays or Mondays, so I have to wait, what seems to be forever, to go and take the test. I have to wait a whole two days!  So, in the meantime I am reading, studying, preparing and planning to take the practice test as soon as possible.  You don't know how excited I am! I put the literature in a pink folder and I plan to put a cute sheet of paper in the front.  To my family's great surprise and astonishment, I actually enjoy reading all the traffic laws and sign information.  It is on my bedside stand. :)

On a different note: I am going out of town for a week!  I am going to Endeavor, another Teen Pact event that teaches biblical womanhood.  I hope to post about it when I get back. For now, I have to go enjoy the joys of packing!


  1. yay for getting your permit! i actually enjoyed studying for the test too. :) it was VERY interesting to read about what you can and cannot do while driving. lol

    have fun going outta town. :P

  2. my little sister just got her license! congrats to you soon becoming a full time driver :)

  3. What an exciting time in your life.